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Our Ethos: Feed our insatiable curiosity and approach every project as if it were our own. 

Through our work, we strive to create bold ideas that solve complex problems and drive emotional connections. It’s the emotional connections, the humanistic aspects of attachment and perception, that greatly contribute to successful brands.


We believe good design is not a set formula, but more of an authentic blend of awareness, taste and inventiveness. No two projects will ever follow the same path, but will evolve organically based on our process. We learn about your company and product from the experts (that’s you), ask lots of questions (“whys”) and ultimately craft your story, a finished product that is relevant, appears effortless, leaves lasting impressions and is uniquely you.

So, what’s behind the name?

2 partners + 7 reasons you should get to know us a little better.

(That and, we have mad respect for a great work/life balance.)

p = Peggy Riley

Hilary Duwe, Partner at pH7

H = Hilary Duwe


Going small is big.

We made an active choice to keep our firm small so that our overhead is low, and our clients spend money on good design rather than nice views.


We’ve been doing this for a while.

Whether your brand is just getting established, expanding, adjusting to a change in its niche or revamping, we’ve been down this road. Our years of experience have truly honed our expertise.


No handoffs.

A partner is always the point of contact for every project, large or small. Plain and simple, it’s what keeps projects on track, on time, and on budget.


We’re nimble.

With our petite size, we move quickly. No red tape, no telephone tag – we’re around and ready to jump.


Creative, you bet. But strategic too.

New ideas are easy for us, however we place great value on connecting bright ideas to real-world functionality.


We’ve got connections.

We’ve been business for over 15 years and our collaborative team include developers, illustrators, writers, architects, and marketing pros.


We play nice.

In short, we’re easy to work with. It goes without saying, our clients are our everything and we don’t take that lightly.